Klinec Gardelin Sivi Pinot 2012 - Rarity from Medana

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Net quantity: 0,75 Liter, Alcohol content: 14% vol, Brand: Klinec Inn
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Klinec Gardelin Sivi Pinot 2012 - Rarity from Medana
6 item(s)
(0 reviews) Write a review

Product details

The Klinec Gardelin Sivi Pinot, an exquisite Pinot Gris from Slovenia, presents itself in a dark orange robe. This wine, which spends about two weeks on the skins and is minimally sulfured, reveals a fascinating complexity. Its rich aroma, ranging from fruity to earthy notes, seduces the palate with a balanced blend of elegance and power. The 14% alcohol content gives it a pleasant warmth, while its aging potential of approximately 5 - 10 years underscores its quality and maturity.

Recommended Enjoyment Moments

This wine pairs excellently with hearty meat dishes, prosciutto, and smoked fish. It is the perfect choice for a cozy dinner with friends or a festive table. Serve it at a temperature of around 16°C to fully bring out its flavors.

The Klinec Gardelin Sivi Pinot should be stored in a cool, dark place, ideally in a wine cellar or a specialized wine storage cabinet. To preserve its quality, avoid direct sunlight and strong temperature fluctuations. This wine is ready to drink now but can also be aged to further develop its complexity and depth. Before enjoying, it is recommended to decant the wine to let it breathe and unfold its full range of aromas.
Wine region in Slovenia

Klinec Winery: Tradition and Modernity in the Hills of Goriška Brda

The Klinec Winery, located in the heart of the picturesque region of Goriška Brda, is a family-owned business that has been in existence since 1918. Here, the traditional hospitality of the region is combined with a passion for organic winemaking and a love for nature. The Klinec family is dedicated to caring for their vineyards and producing top-quality organic wines that mature in their own cellar.

The landscape of Goriška Brda, characterized by gentle hills and fertile valleys, offers ideal conditions for winemaking. The soils, rich in minerals and interspersed with marine fossils, give Klinec wines a unique character. The family is committed to working in harmony with nature, which is reflected in the quality of their wines.

In addition to winemaking, the Klinec Winery is also known for its hospitality. In their guesthouse (currently only open for groups by appointment!), they offer seasonal specialties and traditional dishes that pair perfectly with their wines. Aleks & Simona Klinec place great importance on providing their guests with an authentic experience that reflects the rich culture and history of Goriška Brda. For exceptional lodging and dining experiences, guests can visit Uros (Brother) & Nejka Klinec in Medana 19, located around 400 meters away from Aleks.

Product data and information

Avail since:
Certified Demeter farm:
Expansion type:
large wooden barrel
Fits to:
  • Fish
  • Meat
  • Raw ham
Mash standing time:
1 - 2 weeks
Shelf life:
at least 10-15 years
  • Friulano/Jakot/Sauvignonasse
  • 2012
Klinec Inn
Organic cultivation:
Ingredients and derivatives thereof that may cause allergies:
O - Sulfites: Sulfur dioxide and sulfite in a concentration higher than 10 mg/liter (E220 - E228)
Net quantity:
0,75 Liter
Alcohol content:
14% vol
Dark orange
Product from:
Special features:
Pinot Gris, approx. 2 weeks on the skins, unfiltered, minimal addition of sulphur

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