Premium Gordia Malvazija S: Slovenia's wine jewel

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Net quantity: 0,75 Liter, Alcohol content: 12.5% vol, Brand: Gordia
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Premium Gordia Malvazija S: Slovenia's wine jewel
12 item(s)
(0 reviews) Write a review

Product details

The Gordia Malvazija S is an outstanding wine that captures the essence of Slovenian wine tradition. This wine, a product of passionate winemaker Andrej Čep, embodies the rich history and commitment to quality that Gordia is known for. With a limited production of only 3,000 bottles annually, every sip is an exclusive experience.

This wine presents itself in a light amber color, reflecting its maturity and elegance. The nose is enveloped by a complex range of aromas, starting from fresh citrus notes to subtle hints of candied fruits. The Malvasia grape, carefully cultivated in the Primorska Vipava region, gives this wine a distinctive personality. On the palate, the Gordia Malvazija S unfolds an impressive balance between tannin structure and lightness. Its dry yet lush texture is accompanied by a persistent freshness that refreshes the palate and invites the next sip.

The elegant minerality, combined with vibrant fruitiness, makes this wine an unforgettable experience. For wine lovers seeking a wine with character and depth, the Gordia Malvazija S is an excellent choice. Its organic production and minimal use of sulfur underline the commitment to naturalness and purity. This wine is not only a delight for the palate but also an expression of dedication and respect for nature and winemaking craft.

Recommended Enjoyment Moments with Gordia Malvazija S

The Gordia Malvazija S is a versatile wine that pairs excellently with a range of occasions and dishes. Ideally served at a temperature of 15-16°C, it reveals its full aroma. This wine is a perfect companion for an elegant dinner or a relaxed evening with friends. It pairs particularly well with white fish, vegetable dishes, and mild cheese. Its fresh and fruity notes complement light Mediterranean cuisine exceptionally. Imagine enjoying this wine on a warm summer evening, accompanied by a delicate fish dish or a selection of fresh seasonal vegetable dishes. Its elegance and complexity make it an ideal wine for celebrations or as a gift for a wine enthusiast.

The Gordia Malvazija S should be stored in a cool, dark place to preserve its quality and freshness. With a aging potential of 5 to 10 years, it develops even deeper complexity over time. It is recommended to open the bottle a few hours before consumption to allow the flavors to fully unfold. Enjoy this wine in its youth to experience its vibrant freshness or let it mature to appreciate its evolving depth.
Wine Region in Slovenia

Gordia - Where Tradition Meets Modernity

Welcome to the enchanting world of Gordia, a winery that not only forms the heart of the picturesque Slovenska Istra region in Slovenia but also serves as a vibrant tribute to the millennia-old winemaking tradition of the country. At Gordia, named after the idyllic area above Ankaran, you will not only experience the art of winemaking but immerse yourself in a piece of living history.

Picture yourself standing on the gentle hills of Gordia, 80 meters above sea level, surrounded by vineyards lovingly embraced by the southern sun. From here, you enjoy a breathtaking view of the glistening sea—a sight that would delight every wine enthusiast's heart. Tradition is highly valued at Gordia but with a modern twist. This philosophy is reflected in every drop of wine produced here, made without the use of oenological products and only with a touch of sulfur to preserve purity and authenticity.

Discover the diversity of Gordia's wines, from characterful, longer-macerated white wines to full-bodied reds made from Cabernet Sauvignon, Refošk, Merlot, and Syrah. Here, every wine becomes a culinary experience, complemented by local and seasonal delights such as homemade bread, fresh pasta, and heavenly desserts. This combination of exquisite wines and delicious food makes every visit to Gordia an unforgettable gastronomic experience. A visit to Gordia is more than a wine tasting—it is a journey through time, a discovery tour through the rich culture and heritage of Slovenia.

Product data and information

Avail since:
Certified Demeter farm:
Expansion type:
Stainless steel tank
Fits to:
  • Cheese
  • Fried dishes
  • Meat
Mash standing time:
12 hours
Shelf life:
at least 10-15 years
  • Cuvee
  • 2018
Organic cultivation:
Ingredients and derivatives thereof that may cause allergies:
O - Sulfites: Sulfur dioxide and sulfite in a concentration higher than 10 mg/liter (E220 - E228)
Net quantity:
0,75 Liter
Alcohol content:
12.5% vol
Product from:
Special features:
Entry-level orange wine, 12 hours on the skins, aged for 12 months in stainless steel, unfiltered, minimal addition of sulphur

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